I’ve always been a little behind the times.  I don’t understand reality television or twitter.   I only just now really get blogging; though they teach it in my children’s school as part of the English curriculum.  Still don’t have a cell phone and only just got a laptop last year.

Given this history you can understand why, when I received a Sudoku hand game player for my birthday last week I quickly became addicted. Love the game.  Love the challenge.   But with the handheld game it’s so much better.   I can choose my level.  It times me so I can compete with myself and it does this wonderful electronic cheer when I clear a number
or finish a game.

It’s a confidence booster, a mind clearer, and general good time.  And best yet, it’s a fine way to procrastinate.


About Kristine

I'm a writer of romance and various other fiction. Wife, Mother, Database Analyst, Dog owner
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