Why I write

Every time I sit to write I’m forced to ask myself if I’m wasting my time.  Will anyone enjoy what I write?  Does it matter?

This leads me to the question of why I write.  To answer it I have to describe why I read.

As a child books were a favorite escape.  I could pick up a book and instantly be in a whole other world, having glorious adventures and still be home in time for dinner.

I write because now stories and adventures pop into my mind and I want to share them with others.  The idea that i could create a world and characters for someone else to love is what keeps me writing.

So the answer is, I’m not wasting my time.  Someone somewhere will enjoy my world, my characters, my novel.  Until then, all I can do is keep writing.  Hopefully, one day someone will clutch my novel with anticipation of their imminent adventure.


About Kristine

I'm a writer of romance and various other fiction. Wife, Mother, Database Analyst, Dog owner
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